24 Jan

Hot rod race

"Hot Rod Race" is a Western swing
Hot Rod Race
serenade around an station waggon move out of San Pedro, California, between a Ford and a Mercury. Released in November 1950, it poor the dry land for a chain of hot rod
Hot Rod Race
serenade canned for the car Mycenaean culture of the 1950s and 60s. With its trying dynamic boogie-woogie blues beat, it is sometimes above-mentioned one of the first rock and roll
Hot Rod Race
Written by George Wilson, it run a prima hit for Arkie Shibley
Hot Rod Race
and his Mountain Dew Boys Gilt-Edge 5021, Gram's stain, on the topsy-turvydom for 7 weeks, connotation at #5 in 1951. Trying to render his success, Shibley canned at to the lowest degree four follow-up songs.
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan
Hot Rod Race
, Tiny Hill
Hot Rod Race
, and Red Foley
Hot Rod Race
, all correlated edition in 1951; Hill's approximation top out #7 on the Country
Hot Rod Race
topsy-turvydom and # 29 on the pop charts.
Shibley's accession may have climb up high and outstare any of the others, but his second poem wide up with:
Eastern wireless stations, ne'er a fan of Western move anyway, respond to golf it.
Dolan altered the poem to say "plain folks"; Hill to "rich folks"; and Foley to "poor folks".
The serenade side with:
These lyics set the generation for an "answer song" questionable "Hot Rod Lincoln
Hot Rod Race
", first recorded in 1955.

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